How to Change the Plastic in the Lulzbot Mini 3D printer

To change the plastic, you’ll need to adjust both the 3D printer and the Cura software.

  1. Cut the current plastic an inch or two from the print head assembly, so you can get hold of it.
  2. Check the print head temperature recommended on the current spool.
  3. In Cura, set the Hot End temperature to the desired print temperature for the current plastic and click Preheat.
  4. Once the print nozzle is hot enough, you can unsnap the filament holder and remove the end of the old plastic.
    • If the print nozzle isn’t hot enough, you won’t be able to remove the old piece of plastic.
  5. Put the new spool on the hanger and feed the plastic into the notch under the wheel until it won’t go in any further.
  6. Re-fasten the clamp that holds the filament in place.
  7. In Cura’s Monitor view, click Extrude until some of the new filament feeds out. (This may take several clicks.)
  8. Some of the old plastic may still be visible at the start of the feed. Click Extrude a few more times until the new color shows up.
  9. In Cura’s Prepare view, select the new plastic from the Materials menu to adjust the presets around temperature, speed, and extrusion thickness.
The options under the Materials menu
Where to find the Color Change PLA settings in the Materials menu