System Administration Group is a community project focused on providing locally-hosted web, email, and other network services. It was formed as a cooperative project between the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center and its IT collective spin-off, Acorn Active Media Foundation. The IMC contributes the space and bandwidth, while Acorn provide the hardware.

Traditionally operated by volunteers, has hosted websites, email lists, and other services for the IMC and other community organizations throughout central Illinois and beyond for as long as the IMC has existed.

Unfortunately, although over time the software and resources underpinning have been improved, an inability to grow the volunteer-base combined with the primary volunteer administrators no longer being local has led to a situation where those administrators cannot maintain the level of support that they consider essential for the project.

Therefore, we are exploring scenarios for transitioning the project, and gauging the interest of the community, with the help of Makerspace Urbana, in being a part of that transition.

This Makerspace Urbana project will be supported with a grant from Acorn Active Media.

If you’re interested in learning about system administration or sharing your knowledge, sign up for the mailing list here: