The Living Letter Press (Make-a-tion 2013)

LivingLetterPress-18What: A quick workshop covering the very basics of printing letterpress with wood type. Participants will help set type and print a collaborative poster. The Living Letter Press is an amazing display of history and technology. Plus the workshop is creative and fun and leaves you with a great art piece to hang on your wall. Do not miss this opportunity!

When: 7/13/13 – 11am

Where:  105 West John Street – Champaign, IL  61820 – 217-298-2080

Sign Up(required):

This is a special event just for makerspace members(that’s you if you if you are viewing this page and want to hang out with us!) So to sign up you will need this super secret password:  m@kersp@ce918

Missed the workshop?  No worries, check out this nice pictorial instead.