Advanced Soldering Projects

1891280_10104903106447191_1743124750_nNot that you need much practice, but this is a slightly more advanced soldering workshop where you can put together some amazing kits:

TV-Be-Gone: Turns off almost any kind of television so you don’t have to watch Fox News at the pub anymore!

MintyBoost: A battery powered charger for any electronic device that uses USB. Charge your phone on the go! In the club! On a hike! Never be without Facebook again. NEVER.

Gemma started kit: Tired of the same old boring clothes with absolutely NO LEDs?? Suffer no more! This Gemma starter kit will get you on the way to the long term goal of being seen from space!

Atari Punk Console: Kids, this noisemaker will be sure to delight any parent or grandparent. What exactly does it do? Brings joy through noise. Get one today!

When: Aug 16 3pm

Where: Makerspace Urbana

Cost: $15-20 (varies by kit)

Sign Up: Here